That won't do

won't til ur gone
stuck nights long

said the same thing over and over to remember
the alone are alluded to that last
overheard these stipulations somewhere
she's dyes 100 times each day

there's nothing that comes out as it sounds in my head
same thing

won't til ur gone
stuck nights long


His problem was he didn't know what his problem was, maybe that's what I act like too. Re-administer the quiter please come say hi if your by,
Don't let them know you knew, it already happen so what's the matter.

They go together, I could list you as a source and give you less than I what we had previously decided upon. Go forth.

Trying to put together this personalities, it's been a long time since I wanted to work up a structured prose. They might move themselves towards the door.

Mon Glasshouse
Kept, precious, leaning into things.

Gen Gen-
Dimly lit all black on black

The Milk MLK Michal-Luk Kein
...firm, encapsulated, undulating, retiring to work hard

The hiring of (EDIT BREAK)

postponed until, a continuation

Nore had already totalitarian stolen chunks of my happiness by being passively into my girlfriend/roommate. Ness described Nore in way that I wouldn’t have pieced together until I met Nore, it was mosaic building. Tiny little bits, I can’t see the outcome until I’ve already been knifed in the ass, or plunging in the knife myself. Even now my hands categorically shake 24 hours after the push and shove into noted “promiscuity”. Nore had tears dripping from his eyes, his girl had died. I was nothing more than an elected representative of myself. I was keen, kind, high as a kite. This elected representative of myself goes for the guts, the key to unlocking grief, the worst person you ever met in general might be inclined towards misrepresenting you and go on collecting info to do such. They looked good to others, they brought home the vote. Nore was a misanthrope I was missing the point. I was always aware that he was younger, I got off on going to his big kid library. My misery in the main frame, Nore can cram jam sex, and we did it all my text.flippy hair straight teeth chestnut colored with specks of green NICE D and anti hourglass shape
Aaron Jacob Plowman

opps, i told the truth, whoops i dunno what that is. hence forth. it needs a ! instead of a ... "..." "anomaly I AM AN ANOMALY I WAS A AN OUTKAST AMONGST THE SAMENESS. then i was bacon being (re)fried for beans. no beans with animal fatness, I copy catted my reason for needing the same outlet. Lied.

(no subject)

check reject
wat da heck
he left so abruptly i couldn't connect
vampire sucking my neck

summer fling rather die then put on ring
on it
ya you don't want to be marrried twice as nice
i don't see you permanenty in my life
mrs bigmouth wants EVERYONE to know
when i talk about being famous he can't understand how though
the same sadness that resides me
something he already got over see

ah hell i can't spell no words
i'm atta a loss
whos in charge
no cost to create
my instrument was built in
jesus was created so that you could sin
and still win later
forgiveness legitness, i'll never quit this
slither lope
he has fresh green dope
nope imma joke
to a bloke
blocked in
area compartment
signed delivered in
after i could re edit
don't remember who said it
  • Current Mood: aggravated aggravated
  • Current Music: converge

r, u going to the mall today

i think he is snoring
i have dipped out mentally/totally ignoring
this fit don't match
push the jigsaw pieces together/miscast
can't stop laughing
cuz he is a goof
ok let's act aloof
poof ripped off your garb
eat my pie, rubhard
arms like a track star
hit it and run far
what a dude
so rude
while i'm relentless
tells me nothing that i can't already guess at
celebrates Christmas
i'd rather tear my limbs off and set myself on fire
you inspire to compel yourself to be able to be surrounded by the masses
i know you didn't pay for those classes
i'd rather have someone who likes to be smothered
mothered, treated like a baby, prodigal rain gutter
oh let's not get all astrological
teacher gives no reference like he ought to
penchant to make things look how you think they should look
took your timing
misaligned what matters
past high diving
still acting like a cry baby
open myself up to much
he bounced shit got scary
but i'm left to count
four score seven nation army
over in it and out


Aye see c see c
u frequent me re re
resolved appalled recalled stalled
back in fourth aye see c see c
quick in public
hard like he doing it for the entire republic
stubbed it
rammed hard
dissolve you in an acid jar
sub par, one under
birdie bogie tiger in the woods
i see electricity
when someone wants to talk bodily
calculator is my mentor

use to do it by hand
no plans
to get undone
who controls the weather while you talk about the son
fun well expected
gender fried it's so expected
redirected you lost the connection
you've pulled out your nomination

due diligence
standing ovation
creation station
facing defeat
full level attack
get shackles round your feet
this postmortem
you've bored em
these fit together
board of education

couple that killed it
smile on your face meant
been here before gotten toyed so annoyed
dread so i read it back
so sos floored
no modem so the promotion is ignored